May 22, 2017

Careers at The Araneta Group

The following are available positions:

1. Property Managers (ACI)
• Bachelor of Science degree either in Business Management, Engineering or related course, with good scholastic records.
• Must be a graduate of a UAAP/NCAA college/university
• Licensed Mechanical / Electrical / Civil Engineer, an advantage
• At least 5 years in the same capacity handling Property Operations, Building or Facilities Management gained from reputable Real Estate/Property Management, Shopping Malls
• Proficient in various computer applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook)
• Commendable oral and written communication skills
• Must have in-depth knowledge and exposure in Property Operations, Building and Facilities Management
• Able to effectively lead and manage a team
• Results-driven and with good business acumen
• Superior interpersonal &s; customer service skills
• Proactive and can work with least or no supervision
• Trustworthy and can work effectively under pressure

2. Professional Mechanical Engineer (ACI)
• Bachelor’s degree either in Mechanical Engineering, with good scholastic records
• Must be a graduate of a UAAP/NCAA college/university
• Must have a “Professional” license to practice
• At least 5 years experience in the operation and maintenance of building mechanical equipment/facilities specially centralized airconditioning systems gained from Real Estate/Property Management/Construction firms.
• Must possess adequate supervisory and leadership skills.
• Proficient in various computer applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook)
• Commendable oral and written communication skills

• Degree in Electrical/Mechanical Engineering from a reputable school / university
• Licensed Electrical/ Mechanical Engineer
• With at least 5 - 7 years work experience in Mall Operations / Shopping Center / Facilities Management / Construction firms
• With good and proven background in building and equipment maintenance and ancillary services
• Proficient in MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook
• Must possess strong leadership qualities
• With adequate supervisory skills
• With good written and oral communication skills
• With commendable interpersonal/PR skills

• Bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts / Marketing / Management from a reputable school / university, with good scholastic records.
• At least 3 years relevant experience in Sales, Media Buying, Sponsorship, etc. from Real Estate, Hotel, Advertising Agency, Networks or FMCGs.
• With special interest in advertising and promotions, events and entertainment
• Must have a good network of clients, with good persuasion, oral and written communication skills
• Experience in the cinema marketing or events marketing, an advantage
• Highly creative and can come up with out-of-the-box ideas
• A team player, results driven, proactive and willing to work under pressure
• Commendable oral and written communication skills
• Proficient in various computer applications and software (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook), internet savvy (updated with the latest social media sites)

• Bachelor’s degree in Business Management / Administration graduate from a reputable university
• With at least 3 years theater operations in a managerial capacity
• Specialized knowledge and experience in Events Management and/or Cinema Operations
• Proficient in the different computer applications
• Possess excellent customer service skills and quality orientation
• Able to analyze and solve complex problems; can give solutions or alternatives
• Able to plan, implement, direct and coordinate the profitability and day-to-day activities of the theater personnel
• Assertive and has good PR skills
• With effective leadership skills; a team player

Please send your resumes at with pictures.