The Araneta Group

About us

The Araneta Group is a progressive and diversified group of companies anchored on property development, food service, leisure, and hospitality.

Founded by the visionary J. Amado Araneta, the Araneta Group is known pioneering projects that are the first, the biggest, and the best in their class. Currently, at the helm of its growth and expansion is his son, Jorge L. Araneta.

With a long history of embarking on bsuiness ventures, the Araneta Group is prepared to take up the challenges of the 21st century.

The Group’s 12,000-strong workforce is committed to a culture of excellence, integrity, loyalty, and pride.

The Araneta Group is composed of five strategic business units: ACI, Inc., PPI Holdings Inc., Uniprom Inc., Progressive Development Corporation, and Araneta Hotels Inc.

61 Years of Business Experience

Vision Mission Core Values
We create inclusive communities that deliver memorable experiences worth sharing.
By providing the best products and services to the greatest number anchored on property, food, and entertainment, we will foster our continuing leadership.
Cultivate an innovative, enabled and empowered organization that will be the steward of our name, values, and business.

The Araneta Group Management

Jorge L. Araneta

CEO, Chairman and President

Judy A. Roxas

Vice Chairman

Maria Garcia

General Manager, AHI

Liza Leah Juinio


Irene Jose

OIC, Uniprom Inc.